Our clients are so important and we accomplish a lot together.   We work with leaders in all types and sizes of organizations.  Our specialty niches include:

Non-Profit Leaders:   Charities and non-profit organizations face unique challenges such as their ability to build capacity, obtain funding, and to recruit and retain staff and volunteers.   Most of the executive directors with whom we work want to be more effective in three key areas:  their role, the performance of their team, and the relationships they have with their Boards of Directors and their stakeholders.  Let us help you building resilient, high-performing teams and effective boards.   

Board Development:  We support non-profit boards in Board Development, Team Building, Relationship Management, Policy Development, Governance and Leadership, and Strategic Planning.

Government Leaders:  Fiscal pressures, privacy and confidentiality rules, information technology demands and risks, changes in strategic directions, driving the organization for results, and solving environmental problems, are only some of the issues facing government and political leaders today.  Our coaching helps government leaders address their pressing issues, build competent teams, influence more effectively, and execute more efficiently.  

On-Board Coaching: to help leaders who are new to their positions integrate successfully into the roles.  Those first few weeks in a new job can make a dramatic difference for leaders who are new to their role.   With the right on-boarding, new leaders can feel motivated and confident.   Whether the individual is newly promoted from within the organization or a seasoned executive hired from outside the organization, these first few weeks are critical in both learning and evaluating.  Coaching will contribute to success.

Entrepreneur/Business Owners:  Our coaches can help you start, run and grow your business.  We will work with you to develop strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about your business.  We focus on the what it is you want to create for your business, and what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and objectives.



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