Why work with a certified coach?

I had a client ask me recently about the benefits of working with a coach who has credentials.  

Coaching can cover a host of specialities, such as life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, executive and leadership coaching, conflict coaching, wellness coaching, etc.  These specialities may require very different credentials.  And there are dozens of coaching credentials out there.  Some of them are competency based and others that are just based on self-declaration.  Further, some coaching schools are accredited and others are not.  

If you're looking for an executive or leadership coach here are some of the benefits of working with a certified coach whose credentials came from an accredited school:

  • Certified coaches use a proven methodology.  
  • They typically complete rigorous training and practice requirements as part of their certification.  
  • They often have completed further study and specialization as part of a commitment to continuing education.
  • They are typically bound by a code of ethics.
  • They understand the importance of professional confidentiality and of making clear agreements with their clients about it.
  • A credential increases professional credibility.

Our coaches at Aspire do have professional coaching certifications.  However I believe that the best credential is a satisfied customer.  So, when you are looking for a coach consider someone who has both the professional competencies and a successful track record.